Shark's Coaching Services refer to the fine-tuning every boat handler needs to optimize enjoyment on the water and safety of vessel and crew. Think of Shark as your Personal Trainer.

Power or sail, beginner or experienced boat handler, we deliver coaching services unsurpassed in our industry and at an affordable price.



Our Coaching Rates

Boat handling, systems training and seminars: $75.00/hour

(Contract rates are available.)






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Refining Your Boat Handling Skills?

Shark can deliver that fine edge to your racing skills. Engage us for a single session or a whole season, whatever suits your needs.

Perhaps you'd just like to learn to sail or power your vessel correctly and safely. We can meet your requirements on your schedule.

Shark Scouts ... We provide service to all ages!

Fine-Tuning Crew Performance ?

If your crew isn't working together, you haven't got a team. Let the Shark team take your crew management skills to the next level. Your schedule, your time, our expertise.

Shark-trained crew in pre-race preparation

What's Our Process?

First we do a Needs Assessment Interview, then we propose a custom-tailored program and review it with you. When you give us the go-ahead to proceed, we schedule the first session. It's so easy!



One of the few things Shark can't deliver -- Wind!

Related Projects

Here are some of the projects that Shark has delivered in the Coaching arena:

  • A couple who dream of sailing to the Caribbean but have no sailing experience took the plunge and purchased a 36' cruising sailboat. They then retained us to design and implement a comprehensive training program to help them towards their dream. Now in the second season, this program is advancing nicely with many goals already achieved. Shark continues to work with them as they attain new skills.
  • A client who wants to sail with his family in a competitive offshore class asked us to work with his rookie crew to bring them up to speed. Results continue to improve as they learn the skills and teamwork necessary to be in the game.
  • A Maryland couple contacted us after purchasing their first motor vessel, a 36' twin engine cruiser. They had extensive sailing experience but required the skills to operate and cruise the new vessel. We designed an intensive 3 week program, utilizing their existing seamanship skills, to accomplish this. The training resulted in the client's successful 2 week cruise from New England to the Chesapeake. They continue to cruise using the skills developed with our program.



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