At Shark Sailing & Rigging, Inc., we understand the complex forces coming to bear upon the rigging of a sailing vessel. Expertise with this science is what we bring to every customer engagement.

Safety issues should be assessed with any new vessel design, and even existing vessels could benefit from safety assessment by Shark.


Lifeline replacement for a downeast cruiser

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A 46' ocean cruiser, on which SHARK delivered rigging, safety upgrades and cruise management services.

Rigging and Performance Enhancement Opportunities

If it's not sailing, it's a slow power boat!

Rigging is a specialty here at Shark. We can impact the design and fabrication of a new boat so that your new rigging delivers optimal performance. If your boat is being refitted, we can do the same.

Whether your performance enhancement opportunity is in design, fabrication, sail handling systems, deck layouts or hardware, Shark can deliver high-impact results.

For Rigging and sail handling systems, we can provide:

  • rigging and sail handling assessments
  • performance enhancement and tuning services
  • design and fabrication services

We've got state-of-the-art, data based load testing equipment so that we can properly tune (and regularly re-tune) your rigging to the optimum metrics for your craft's design.

We offer the best quality vendors' products -- names like Harken, Ronstan, etc.

Race tuning services for this vessel


Shark replaced the mast and rigging after a collision

Safety is Key

Safety inspections are critical for oceangoing vessels - Shark is your most efficient and effective source of safety assessment. We can make recommendations that will keep your crew and your boat safe all season.

Boom vang installation on 46 foot offshore cruiser

Performance tuning services

Related Projects

Shark has delivered Rigging Services across a wide variety of vessel types, sizes and contract values. Here is a small sample:

  • A client with a 44' racing sloop retained us to inspect, repair and optimize the performance of his masthead rig. Many upgrades and on-water testing resulted in a winning combination!
  • A client with an offshore one design in a highly competitive fleet was looking for a boat speed edge. By setting up and maintaining repeatable tension settings this boat is constantly at the front at the windward mark.
  • A 57' racer/cruiser to be raced in the Mediterranean and Caribbean came to us for rig setup recommendations. The boat has had early success using our input.
  • The owner of a 48' classic ketch asked us to assess and implement performance improvement with the rig and sail handling systems. The client reports significant increase in performance.
  • We were retained by the owner of a 75' classic schooner to work with him in improving the short handed sailing performance. Modifications to the furling and sheeting systems suggested and installed by Shark were successful.
  • The owner of a 46' cutter heading to a winter Caribbean cruise asked us to inspect, recommend and implement rig and deck safety improvements. The improvements performed flawlessly over 6 months of constant sailing.

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