Shark has extensive experience in assessing vessels for new buyers, and in guiding the budgeting for new-build vessels. We can assess the maintenance plans for your vessel, guiding the structure of a plan that really hits the key points of performance, safety and manageability.

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Shark provided consulting management of this 45 foot cruiser


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Sail handling systems upgrades recommended and implemented


Safety inspections for offshore cruising

Assessments & Evaluations - Our Consulting Services

Building or buying a new vessel? Taking on a significant refit? Don't go it alone. Shark can deliver:

  • system assessments
  • maintenance assessments
  • cost/benefit evaluations
  • vessel budgeting services
  • new purchase considerations assessment
  • invoice and billing tracking, auditing and management

Campaign or Cruise Management Required?

Shark can manage your organization's next cruise with ease. We offer extensive experience in this industry and prices that will work within your budget.

Hauling out to reconfigure the running gear



Our waterfront facility and test platform

Related Projects

At Shark, we know vessels. Here are some of the projects we've done under Consulting Services:

  • The owners of a well found 35' sailboat who cruise and anchor extensively contacted us about the electric power management on their vessel. An assessment of their needs led to us providing the design and resources for a better system. They are now confident in the capabilities and redundancy of their systems while cruising.
  • An overseas client requested our assistance with the rig design, sails and sail handling systems for a 56' cruiser/racer he was having built. The vessel was delivered summer 2003 with many of our recommendations in place. It is presently in charter service in the Mediterranean. Client satisfied.
  • Provided an independent pre-purchase assessment for a sailing couple moving to their first motor vessel. Along with a survey review we provided a compatibility analysis, cost-benefit assessment and predicted annual cost assessment. With our input they purchased and successfully cruised their 42' trawler this season.
  • A client with a 40' sloop retained us to review billing charges from a project he felt went beyond his approved scope of work at the service facility. We were successful in identifying problem areas and explaining to the client the viability of other areas of concern. Our report allowed the client to successfully come to terms with the contractor, avoiding litigation.



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